Automatic glass door

A good option for places with high traffic to save energy. Entry and exit control, unique beauty and high security

Balcony systems and tempered glass

The most modern and beautiful option to use the balcony of buildings, shops, restaurants, conference halls and…

Automatic rail doors and parking jacks

Modern technology suitable for use in parking lots, villas, factories and sheds

Glass office partition

Office partition – Eliko is a designer and manufacturer of single-wall office partitions, double-wall office partitions, glass office partitions and aluminum office partitions. Elico brand has been professionally producing office partitions since 1990 and has been proud of its quality and after-sales service in the competitive office partition market.

Entrust us with the services of automatic doors, electric shutters and parking jacks, service and maintenance and repairs of your doors.

سیستم های تهویه مطبوع

Air conditioning systems

Wall-mounted, standing and portable split air conditioners with cooling and heating capabilities, in low-consumption (inverter) and normal types

مقالات سایت

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Balcony work example

Manual rail automatic door work sample

Telescopic automatic door sample

Typical automatic door work sample